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Little Ones first library visit!


Today we took the little one to the library for the first time.

She already has a love of books and loves to both sit and look at the pictures “reading” and share stories listening to mummy as she reads funny voices one of our favourites “The Gruffalo” by Julia Donaldson is a form favourite and we know most of it by heart! 

Well today the little one was too busy exploring the library, there was so much to look at even found “The Gruffalo” The little one then moved onto drawing as there was a colouring table set out and then she enjoyed switching carriages (The book boxes were shaped like a train) 

I signed her up for a library card and she got a little passport which is a all part of the bookstart scheme in encouraging children to read from their early years. After every 6th stamp your child will earn a certificate! 

When daddy and I had chosen the little ones books, she was too busy exploring to make choices we were shown how to checkout! 

The little one enjoyed helping checkout the books it was like using a self scan till at the supermarket, you popped the book onto a big circle and it is able to tell which book it is I found this quiteo clever so I would love to know what the little one thought! 

FYI We are already 1/2 way through the stack!