Spring has sprung!

imageimageI am over the moon after what felt like a lifetime of rain,it was the wettest winter on record Incase you were unaware of that fact.

To celebrate the beautiful sunshine that has been missed so much I brought a sun-catcher for the little one to decorate, It was just the right activity I feel for a toddler as it required little prep enabling her to start right away and didn’t take so long that it got abandoned and left half finished. I Think next time I might be a bit more creative and use one of these great ideas rather than a preformed shape, certainly would be better for encouraging the little ones creativity.


Climbing high!

imageThis was taken the other day on one of our trips to the local park. As I watched her nimbly climb her way to the top I must say I was quite taken aback at this latest feat!I found this particularly amazing I think as this is a skill that the little one can’t practice at home as we don’t have any stairs.
It made me realize and appreciate how quickly information is absorbed, she watched as I most likely quite clumsily climbed up and she was quite fast in her ascent to the top although one there she did wobble with panic as she was now “stuck”!
She’ll be able to manage that wobbly bridge in no time as soon as she improves her balance enough so she dosn’t fall through the gaps lol

The bedtime battle!

What I want to know is what happened to the baby girl that came home from the hospital and at the age of 10 weeks started sleeping through the night every night!
We recently have transformed her cot into a bed and she was very happy with her new bed, we did our best to keep her involved in the change letting her watch as daddy took the cot apart to helping make the bed and choose her teddies!
The downside (for us) is this new found freedom to get up when one likes means getting the small one to stay in her bed is a pain and I am quite sure that 6:30 is too early to get up in the morning! image

Introducing me and the small one!

imageThis is my first attempt at blogging and as I’m so full of ideas and opinions I was feeling at bit lost as to where i should start.
I am a mummy of one beautiful baby (well 2 year old) girl, animal lover and owner of 2 cats!
I am of course lots of other things top of the list is my current position in the house as a Sahm. Which is of course lovely as I am privileged to be there and share in my daughters daily journeys being seeing how high she can climb at the park to listening to her ever increasing vocabulary as she starts stringing sentences together!
This blog will be mainly about my views as well as activity ideas as I am ever looking for inspirational ideas to try out!
Steph 🙂