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Baby sign…..teach yourself for free!

Before the little one was born I was a nursery nurse working in a day nursery where in the baby room we used sign.

Baby sign is a fantastic tool for communicating with your child and is perfect for the pre-verbal stages and can be started from birth onwards. This method of communicating alleviates many stresses and frustrations felt by both the child and the parents.
At first I was not going to use baby sign but had seen how effective it can be so I thought I would try….problem was I only knew a few phrases.
Finding a class in my local area that wasn’t booked up or costing a small fortune proved fruitless, so I scoured the internet and watched several you-tube videos, drawing pictures of the signs for reference until I had learnt them.
My daughter started to watch a program called “Mr Tumble” on cbeebies who uses makaton which is simple sign for children with special needs which works on a sign or two per episode, there’s also a childrens magazine!

The most important thing to remember if they are just for you and your child’s use who cares if it’s 100% correct.The little one even made her own sign for garden.
Work from your child’s interests slowly adding new signs.
A few suggestions to start: eat, milk, drink, sleep , nappy, please and thank you.
Enjoy signing with your little one 🙂