Lunchtime or how to feed a toddler on the go!

The little one is in my opinion a good eater she likes curry, olives, fajitas, chorizo and all fruit we have come across so far! This dosnt mean on her off days she isn’t stubbornly refusing known favourites she is 2 and like all 2 year old is trying to take control, she will learn that I operate a take it or leave it so she has what she offered if not it’s just fruit/yoghurt.

I have noticed that she has a real interest in what adults have on their plates, she will happily steal “leaves” off my plate for a nibble. I do wonder why when you go out even the so called family friendly places don’t offer better choices for our children I can’t speak for everyone but I wouldn’t want the processed rubbish that’s on offer for kids so at family dinners out its reluctantly brought……and usually left as who wants to the one at the table with the least interesting food? I am not suggesting that these are completly removed off of all menus never to be seen again because we all like the safety net of having a known favourite to offer especially of you are unfortunate enough to have a picky nuggets only child, we’ve all known one maybe were one! 

What i would like to see is more places offering half portions of the normal menu as children are just little people and if started on a good path they are more likely to eat a wider variety of food if this is offered from a young age! Surely we are just adding to the obesity epidemic and setting our kids a poor example? 

Whilst I’m at it why does nowhere have childrens plates or cutlery talk about making meals harder who wants to pack a plate whenever they go out? Image

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